Wave are one of the DSO project bands.

[Music (1990) sleeve] Wave History

Wave's first material appeared on a cassette-only album, Music, in 1990. The album was released on the Kent-based LA Records label. The original line up was Jon Black and Matt Sewell (aka Williamson) sharing both song writing and instrumentation. Sewell was also the label boss of LA Records. The sound was basically ambient with various ethnic and electronic influences.

The same personnel released solo and other unrelated material throughout the 90s, with the second Wave album emerging in 1995. The official title of the second album is vague, but it would appear to be (and is generally known by) its catalogue number - LA23. This release was on CD and earned the band something of a small but dedicated cult following.

[LA23 (1995) sleeve]

Black and Sewell continued writing and recording, culminating in a number of tracks that were to form Bunk, Junk and Genius. However, with Black concentrating on solo material and Sewell unexpectedly bowing out of the music scene, the tracks remained on the shelf, unmastered, for several years. It was only when Rob Dyer, an ardent fan of Wave's work, approached Jon Black about reviving the Wave project that Black decided leaving an entire album's worth of work unreleased seemed insane. Black spent many hours trawling through master tapes and reassembling the tracks for mastering into album format. The completed third album Bunk, Junk and Genius was released April 2000 and is now available exclusively from DSO.

Jon Black and Rob Dyer teamed up to revive the Wave project and began writing and recording new material in Spring 2000. This work continues to date and forms the basis of the band's next album, Tokyo Dub Cafe. In January 2001, Wave announced significant developments including a remix for cult German idm outfit haujobb (for the a short-time sky: songs of haujobb encrypted compilation album due for release on Daniel Myer's Basic Unit Productions label), a remix for up-and-coming English industrial band man(i)kin, and a track with Irishman Mark Cousins of BBC TV's Moviedrome fame.

[man(i)kin Sacrament EP (2001) sleeve]

Wave's fourth release is a remix of man(i)kin's Faithless for their Sacrament EP released on the Cryonica label (Spring 2001). Further details from the official man(i)kin website at:


and the official Cryonica website at:


The EP also features further remixes by Covenant, Project X, The Galan Pixs, Goteki and, of course, man(i)kin.

Official Wave website: http://www.dsomedia.com/wave

[Bunk, Junk and Genius (2000) sleeve] Copies of the album Bunk, Junk and Genius (12 tracks, 47mins, MP3 files coming soon) are available direct from DSO for just £6 including postage and packing*. Cheques/postal/money orders should be made payable to "Dark Star" and sent to: CD Sales, DSO, 64 Arthur Street, Gravesend, Kent, DA11 0PR. NOTE: As demand for this album is expected to be limited, it is only being released as a CD-R. It will however, be totally professional in all other respects and will include a CD label, full colour sleeve and jewel case.

*NOTE: this offer applies to the UK only. Overseas enquiries should email sales@dso.co.uk for details on cost.

If you've any questions regarding the band or the Bunk, Junk and Genius album then please get in touch on: wave@dso.co.uk. Promo/review copies are available upon request.