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(Last updated: 22 September, 2006)


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Adventures of Evil & Malice, The Comic

Angel Cop Anime

Armitage III Anime

Apocalyptica Stage play by Philip Ridley

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Babylon File, The book by Andy Lane

Babysitter, The Comic

Batman: The Long Halloween Comic

Battle Angel Alita Anime

Bigot Hall book by Steve Aylett

Birds of Prey Comic

Bulletproof Monk Comic

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Caffeine Comic

Cathedral Child Graphic Novel

Censored book by Tom Dewe Mathews

Clover Honey Comic

Clockwork Angels Graphic Novel

Comic Book Price Guide, The book by Duncan McAlpine

Cronenberg on Cronenberg book edited by Chris Rodley

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Dangaio Anime

Dark Myth Anime

Death: The High Cost of Living Comic

Death: The Time of Your Life Comic

Doctor Who 2005: pilot episode: "Rose" (+ Photo Gallery) TV series

Dominion 2 Anime

Dragon Half Anime

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8 Man After Anime

El Hazard: The Magnificent World Anime

End Times Comic

Evil Eye Comic

Extended Dream of Mr D, The Comic

Event, Thee (Thee Last Magickal Conference ov Thee So-Called Millennium) Magick Conference, London, December 1999

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Faith Comic

Flinch Comic

Feeders Comic

Fist of The North Star Anime

Fortune & Glory Comic

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Gattaca Ethics discussion panel at the National Film Theatre, London

Geisha Comic

Giant Robo Anime

Gloomcookie Comic

Goku Midnight Eye Anime

Grappler Baki Anime

Green Legend Ran Anime

Gun Dream Anime

Gunsmith Cats Anime

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Hakkenden: Legend of the Dog Warriors, The Anime

Heavy Liquid Comic

Hellboy: Box of Evil Comic

Hellboy Jr Comic

Hong Kong Action Films Day of screenings at the National Film Theatre, London

Horror of Collier County, The Comic

How To Read Superhero Comics and Why book by Geoff Klock

Hyperdoll Anime

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Invisibles, The Comic

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Jenny Finn Comic

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Comic

Journal of Stephen Hadley, The book by John Wilding

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Kabuki Classics Comic

Kekkou Kamen Anime

King's Evil, The book by Haydn Middleton

Kishin Heidan Anime

Knights of Terror - The Blind Dead Films of Amando de Ossorio, The book by Nigel J. Burrell

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Ladius Anime

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Comic

Legend of the Four Kings Anime

Lenore - Noogies Comic

Life of a Fetus Comic

Little Gloomy Comic

Little Red Hot Comic

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Macross Plus Anime

Magick Conference - Thee Event Magick Conference, London, December 1999

Makyu Senjo Anime

MD Geist II Anime

Megazone 23 III Anime

Mondo Argento book by Alan Jones

Monsters In My Tummy, The Comic

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime

New Dominion Tank Police Anime

Noogies Comic

Nowhere Comic

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100 Bullets Comic

One Trick Rip Off, The Comic

Orguss 02 Anime

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Pablo's Inferno Comic

Penny Century Comic

Phantom Quest Corps Anime

Plastic Little Anime

Powers Comic

Princess Minerva Anime

Project A-ko 2 Anime

Psychic Wars Anime

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Red Hawk: Weapon of Death Anime

Rei Rei: The Spiritual Evangelist Anime

RG Veda Anime

Roots Search Anime

Runoff Comic

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Salamander Anime

Shadowman Comic

Slaughtermatic book by Steve Aylett

Son of the Rock, A book by Jack Deighton

Spawn Animated TV series (1997-1999)

Stitch Comic

Strangehaven Comic

Stray Bullets Comic

Sukeban Deka Anime

Super Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Anime

Super Dimension Century Orguss 02 Anime

Sword for Truth Anime

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3x3 Eyes Part 3 Anime

Tiempos Finales Comic

Tin Tin Video launch party

Tomorrow Stories Comic

Tomorrow's World Magazine

Tom Strong Comic

Top Ten Comic

Transmetropolitan Comic

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Uncut book by Christopher Fowler

Ushiro & Tora Anime

Ushiro & Tora: CD Theatre Anime

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Vampire Princess Miyu Anime

Vampire Wars Anime

Violence Jack Anime

Voodoom Comic

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Whiteout Comic

Witchcraft Comic

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Yeah! Comic

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Zeitgeist book by Todd Wiggins

Zeoraima Anime

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