Angel Theory

[Fatal Condition sleeve]"Fatal Condition" (Album, 2004)

Ground Under Productions

An interesting and uncommon attempt to bridge the gap between the harsh vocal EBM/electro of the likes of Suicide Commando, Grendel, Hocico et al, and the more reflective, introspective IDM sphere as demonstrated by haujobb, Gridlock, Covenant and such.

It could probably be argued that as a collection of work Fatal Condition perhaps would have been stronger had Australian Charles Fenech made the decision to put his faith in one camp or the other instead of attempting to straddle them. If this were on vinyl then broadly speaking side one (the first five songs) would be the harsh vocal stuff and side two (the remaining seven) the more measured and straight vocals. Although this approach is (in parts at least) likely to have very broad appeal to the wider alternative electro community, had Fatal Condition filtered its influences into a more concentrated mix of the two styles it might have produced something altogether more enticing.

If Fenech has the depth of interest and the talent to back up his theories then subsequent releases may well refine the textbook logic of the concept into a more successful and distinctive act and sound in its own right. I'd be interested to know if he achieved this. Nice sleeve artwork too. 7/10

Rob Dyer (October 2009)

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