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MD Geist 2


Knowing the 'MD' of the title stands for 'Most Dangerous' is a pretty accurate pointer towards the content of Kiseki's much-hyped release. Going out with a 'Director's Cut' banner (adding only a couple of minutes extra), this 18-rated bloodfest has violent action aplenty. Our star sports blonde hair, sunglasses and a blank expression as he slaughters his way through the rest of the cast, accompanied by piss poor Japanese 'rock' music. Acting as a mercenary who is only interested in earning the biggest buck and who doesn't give a damn about the politics on the planet Jerra, MD battles against cliched 'hard-man' characters and simplistic plotting in a run-of-the-mill entry into the Kiseki catalogue.

Can't see this causing the excitement Kiseki seem to be hoping for, but if the video charts are anything to go by then there are still hordes of spotty teenage boys willing to buy this stuff. The cheesy characters are typified by a supposedly 'tough guy' image that to Western eyes looks decidedly camp. There are some imaginative (and graphic) deaths but the gore is not as incessant as the packaging implies. Only recommended if you are a die-hard fan of macho-anime, otherwise spend your pennies elsewhere.

Rob Dyer

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