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Rei Rei: The Spiritual Evangelist


[Rei Rei]Outrageous sensationalist fodder from Kiseki. Kaguya - The Goddess of Love, and one time inhabitant of the moon, is the titular heroine who helps those on earth whose love goes unrequited.

In Part 1 she helps a schoolboy who loves the seemingly innocent schoolgirl Ikuko. But Ikuko's evil female doctor, Manami, has seduced the young girl and confused her emotions towards the opposite sex. In Part 2 shy Satoshi fails to make an impression on the love of his life, Mika, until Kaguya intervenes to show him the way. Fantasy framework envelopes string of sexual encounters between, boys and girls, women and girls, men and girls, even men and men. Pure animated pornography from start to finish.

With the lead female character being seduced in each story looking barely in her teens, one can imagine why the BBFC delayed this release time and time again. Frankly, the BBFC have (as ever) got their knickers in a twist over nothing. No one will be corrupted by this. Thoughtfully left in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

Rob Dyer (January 2005)

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