Collapse Under The Empire

[The Silent Cry sleeve]"The Silent Cry" (EP, 2013)

Self Release 

The Silent Cry brings together the sound and moods of electronic instrumental post rock soundscapes into an atmospheric six-track EP. There's a decent amount of chugging guitars and cymbal-crashing drumming on this Collapse Under The Empire (or CUTE as they are happy to be compressed into) release that firmly roots  The Silent Cry into the soil of the electronic post rock field. Opener Ashfall echoes Senses-era In The Nursery', but then Shut Off The Lights achieves what it needs to say with not much more than a piano. Which neatly prepares the ground for a cover of Depeche Mode's Stjärna a single b-side of Little 15 - taken from their Music For The Masses period. Whilst CUTE's interpretation does embellish the rather spartan original (mainly with the application of more of those drums and guitars) it never takes liberties, turning in an unexpected and welcome addition to their own compositions. We Are Close As This most effectively straddles the varied influences and brings my first sampling of Collapse Under The Empire to a pretty satisfying conclusion. 7/10 

Rob Dyer (May 2013)

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