[Silent World sleeve]"Silent World " (EP, 2010)


Attention grabbing nine-track EP from Daniel Myer and Sebastian Ullmann's Destroid project which up until now has released two albums. Genre wise this is Myer in his central ground, seamlessly blending dance, industrial, trance, IDM and electro styles into a coherent proposition in its own right. I'm a total Myer fan - though not blinded - so comfortable highlighting shortcomings when I perceive them. The previous two album releases both had fantastic moments but were undermined by more workmanlike tracks that pulled down the overall rating.

Curiously, Silent World shares the approach of both long players in that it is never slavishly shackled to any single genre or even composition approach; both attributes typical of Myer. The first three tracks provide the new material and the focus and all work well in that mid-tempo space that Myer is so expert at. I Walk Slow is a boldly minimalist way to open things, with Myer's ever-improving voice firmly leading the song which sees his wonderfully sensuous and smart electronics building gradually over five minutes, resulting in easily one of the most impacting Destroid songs so far released. Title track Silent World is a fine example of the SF film soundtrack/ambient trance backing combined with a sublimely memorable lead melody and restrained, spoken electro vocals. Leaving Ground balances atmospheric synth pads and more familiar electro vocals and beats. Fans of Rotersand would be especially well-displaced to this. Then, slightly unexpectedly, we get a rather splendid cover of The Sisters of Mercy's Lucretia My Reflection - the vocals in particular working really well.

The second half of the EP is a mixture of remixes and a live cut. Assemblage 23 is an obvious but ideal choice to remix Leaving Ground and Tom Shear's mix shifts the emphasis towards the dance floor very elegantly. S.I.T.D. rework the title song, with extra sequencers and the lead melody given a remotely anthemic edge. Bird of Prey - People Theatre is a middling alternative take on a track from second album Loudspeaker. The penultimate track is a gorgeously retro and stripped back remix of the Sisters cover and, depending on what mood you're in, could be the better of the two interpretations here. Finally, there's a brilliant live rendition of Let Me Leave (also from Loudspeaker) recorded in Austin, Texas USA. It's a superb version, with Myer's lead vocals note perfect and emotionally impressive. A terrific end to arguably the best Destroid release to date. 8/10

Rob Dyer

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