"Following the strains of V2 Schneider from Bowie's classic Low album, Eskil Simmonson and Joakim Montelius took to the stage of the Electric Ballroom which was wall to wall, front to back, packed with Covenant fans. The third live member slot taken up by electronic music genius (and longtime friend) Daniel Myer now that Clas Nachmanson has left the band. Although Myer had gone to the trouble of wearing a tie for the event he'll never blend into the smart suit and ties styling of the original Covenant lineup, as his trademark cap only proved. A cap and a tie. What kind of sartorial sense is that?! Fortunate then that we we not here for a lesson is dress sense but musical mastery; and that we most certainly got."


Click on the Covenant gig flyer left for an exclusive video clip of the band performing "We Stand Alone" at the Electric Ballroom (.avi file).


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