Endorphin label compilations

[source:remix sleeve]"source:remix" (Remix album, 2002)


It seemed hardly fair to simply file this in the Yellow6 page alone as it's as much a compilation of Endorphin artists as it is a Yellow6 sampler. (Hence the creation of this page). That's no slight on Yellow6 and I know Jon Attwood wouldn't take it as such, since the objective here is laid bare in the title. Yellow6 has supplied all the source compositions and handed them over to a variety of like-minded projects ranging from Amp to Rothko for them to remix as they see fit.

Not being intimately aquainted with all the original compositions there's not much in the way of comparison that can be done. But I am familiar with many of the invited guests. Perhaps best then to treat this as it comes across - a compilation of those operating in the same ambientesque field but with an underlying sense of collective. Although not quite in the same genre, I'm reminded of the In The Nursery album Cause and Effect which opened the ITN catalogue to the underground community who stepped in with their own interpretations. The outcome here (as there) is a complete success. Favourite moments include the hitherto unknown Bauri's take on leitmotiv, admittedly a Yellow6 soft spot already, and ::lackluster::'s cover of expressway427. The remainder creates a hypnotically drifting ambience of which Yellow6 would be (and probably is and can be) proud of. 7/10

Rob Dyer (June 2006)