Film Reviews:

The Replacement Killers

(Antoine Fuqua, US, 1997)

Forget the fact that this is a complete rip-off of all the John Woo directed films Chow Yun-Fat has ever appeared in. Just accept the fact that this is the perfect English speaking film for the No.1 Hong-Kong actor to make his debut in. With his customary two guns, Yun-Fat plays a professional hit man with a heart of gold (sound familiar?). Failing to complete his last mission for an evil Chinese boss, he endangers his plans to bring his family to America. Enlisting the help of an expert document forger (Miro Sorvino), he shoots and blasts his way out to ensure their safety.

First time director Fuqua makes a stylish and fast-pace movie - very reminiscent of the master himself, John Woo. The neon lighting, sweeping shots and slow-motion camera gives an almost serene like quality to the action scenes. Yun-Fat says very little and hardly exerts himself in the acting department, but who cares - there are plenty of moody shots of him in his cool dark glasses and leather jacket - what more could you ask for! Sorvino's character is feisty and together with the gun-totting Yun-Fat they make the perfect action team. With each anticipating the others move, the gunfights, of which there are many, are well orchestrated and timed to perfection. Any bad guy who feels unlucky enough to step in their way is met with a swift and untimely death. Watch this film for its pure adrenaline and Yun-Fat's cool persona.

Jenny Chung