Film Reviews:

The Zip

(Joann Kaplan, UK, 1992)

This 15-minute mini was aired on UK TV under Channel 4's season of new, short, British films under the banner of 'Short & Curlies'. It stars Denis Lawson (aka Wedge Antilles, aka Red 2 in the Star Wars films). The Zip tells the story of a father of two who finds one night, to his disbelief, that a huge zip has suddenly appeared - running from under his chin to the bottom of his belly! Hiding it from his wife as the two climb into bed, he arises the following morning to face his peculiar predicament. Unable to resist his curiosity, he begins unzipping his new bodily accessory and he's horrified when a human hand struggles to get out of the cavity. Not knowing whether he is going crazy, the man's mind reels as he tries to decide what to do next.

A pretty unique scenario, I think you'll agree. To say more would spoil the enjoyment should you ever get the chance to catch this entertaining little film. Although the scenario could find its way into a Jan Svankmajer film, the direction by Joann Kaplan is understated and very every-day. No weird camera techniques or unusual lighting. Somehow it is this straightforward approach that makes the strange events so effective. File under 'art school projects for promising young directors'.

Rob Dyer