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Def by Temptation

(James Bond III, US, 1992)

When Joel's best buddy 'K' invites him to New York City to stay the country boy can't wait to hit the streets and see a little action. Joel finds his way into an uptown bar and is smitten by the 'Temptress', little realising the beguiling beauty is a demon in human form - a vampire who leaves her lovers for dead the morning after. With the help of an undercover investigator, 'K' sets out to save his friend from the she-devil. But the powers of darkness have different ideas.

While not Troma's greatest hour, this is certainly one of their best-looking. Written, produced, directed and starring James Bond III, Def is a slim but colourful entry into the vampire stakes (sorry, no pun intended!). It's a Troma buy-in so it stands out from much of Messrs Kaufman and Hertz normal fare. Star Bill Nunn and director of photography Ernest Dickerson both worked on Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing. There are also a couple of cameos from soul music stars Freddie Jackson and Melba Moore. The acting, effects and plot are all just passable but you director Bond clearly has a flair for the stylish and if it is an uneventful hour-and-a-half, it is slickly done. Do you remember a 70s American kid's series called The Red Hand Gang? It was about a group of youngsters who solved crimes, lead by a smart, black dude with glasses. Well, that black dude was director James Bond III.

Rob Dyer