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Last Gasp

(Scott McGinnis, US, 1995)

Its preview at the 1995 Fantasm film festival at London's NFT was the only theatrical exposure this thriller got in the UK. It stars Robert Patrick (of Terminator 2 fame) as a ruthless property developer, who gets more than he bargained for when he drives out a Mexican tribe of Totec Indians, to make way for his latest development. The soul of a dying Indian passes to him and begins a violent killing spree using its host's body.

Patrick gives another good performance in this otherwise sub-par genre entry, that gives him the opportunity to show his diversity as an actor. Put his despicable developer here alongside the killer robot from T2 and the traumatised abduction victim in the dramatic Fire From The Sky, and you begin to see this actor's range. Fans of Robert Patrick should check this out, others can miss it and not miss much.

Rob Dyer

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