Brighton Dome, Brighton - 3 October 2005

"Slide in - feel the future"

[Goldfrapp: Supernature][Goldfrapp: Ooh La La]A surprisingly un-packed-to-the-rafters Dome played host to Goldfrapp's second date of their Supernature Tour.

After an intro from Cerrone's 70s hit of the same name, the 'Frapp open up with Utopia. Smoke and wind blast back Alison's hair. Unlike the previous night's Bristol Academy show, there's no fuck-up tonight. The apt Lovely 2 CU follows, with an expanded lineup that sees (shock horror) a guitarist. (Note for the uninitiated, Goldfrapp Golden Rule: 'No guitars!'.) Train sees a group of dancers dressed as wolves with glowing red eyes - cementing the duo's obsession with sex and nature. It sends a shiver down your back. It's delicious. It's the highlight of the night.

As you'd expect, it's the Supernature tracks on show tonight along with the best of Black Cherry and a respectful nod to their debut Felt Mountain. Alison introduces Number 1 as their new single. Dodgy choice (it should have been the lighthearted but absolutely irresistible Satin Chic).

Despite being probably three years away from 40, and never being too sure what to say or even at times do on stage, Alison Goldfrapp oozes sex appeal, in both her image and her voice, and what could be viewed as cold electronic music is made all the warmer by the very human way it is played on stage. Encores of Strict Machine, Fly Me Away, Ooh La La and the beautiful Black Cherry end an evening in the company of surely Britain's most enigmatic group. Slide in - feel the future.

Matt Williamson