Little Boots

Heaven, London - 28 November 2013

"A great performance"

[Gig photo]Well having found myself double booked last night for a city dinner with the Guild of Freemen of the City of London and Little Boots, it found me rushing suited and booted (three piece pin stripe suit) jumping into a cab to Heaven to see Little Boots. I managed to get there just in time to get a drink and pre-order the live album they are to release of the gig, before she came on stage.

It was a fabulous gig with Little Boots playing a number of tracks from both her current album Nocturnes and her first album Hands. It was great to hear some of the earlier tracks again and compare these to the more grown up (less blatantly commercial) sound of her new album.

The three key memories I will take away were of Little Boots introducing an old friend from her school days playing bass live only for him to start playing Beat Beat whilst the rest of the group started off playing Headphones bizarrely it kind of worked and it would be great if they kept it in the live CD. The second thing was seeing Little Boots playing and programing her Mini Korg MS20. Now I have one of these and I am amazed that she has the confidence to play this live as it can be a very unwieldy beast and kudos to her for doing this. Finally for the encore she played It’s All For You with just herself on keyboards, before being joined o by the band to play Shake which revealed the power of the LED dress that she had changed into before coming on for the encore.

Being a big Little Boots fan I was aware of this dress beforehand and had seen it on video, but that did not prepare me for the impact it had live, the changing patterns of light and colour was truly amazing and when the dress spelt out “S H A K E” Letter by letter it was fabulous. The only downside for me was that my late arrival, and prior engagement meant I had not taken a suitable camera along to capture the concert for prosperity, but the packed audience and I clearly enjoyed the concert, and I hope it is not too long before I get to see her perform again. Hopefully at a venue my eleven year old daughter can go to, as she is as big a fan as I am. A great performance.

Mark Smith

Photo by Komputer Dave