Birthdays, London - 1 February 2014

"An excellent set, superbly rendered"

Feathers is the work of Austin TX-based, American singer/songwriter Anastasia Dimou. Her debut album, If All Now Here, was released in May 2013 and the new, four-track EP Only One is currently doing the rounds online as a digital download. I found Feathers on YouTube. They looked and sounded interesting and support slots to Little Boots (a personal favourite) suggested they were worth catching live. Well, I am sure this must have come as a bit of a reality check for the band, having played at the Bercy stadium in Paris the night before supporting Depeche Mode (where Anastasia was so taken by the experience that she grabbed a few selfies, standing with her back to the packed stadium!). Tonight the band may have had an audience around one hundred times smaller than yesterday, but this small venue had a great atmosphere and the sound quality of the setup was excellent, so all was in place for a great gig, and I am glad to say Feathers did not disappoint.

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They played an excellent set consisting of most of the tracks from their debut album and I had to say it was superbly rendered. Front woman Anastasia joined in playing synths on a couple of tracks, and I was impressed when she managed to plug in one of the light boxes upon which she stood, without having to get a roadie on to fix it (okay, not a big deal, but nice to see). The set ended with Land of the Innocent, their first single, and I was struck as to how similar the tune sounded to Depeche Mode's Ice Machine (clearly not a bad thing!). After the show Anastasia hit the merchandise stand and I had a good talk with her, and she was very friendly and engaging. I purchased the album, which has rapidly become one of my favourite recent acquisitions. I hope that they come back to the UK soon and I look further releases from the band. 7/10

Setlist: Fire In The Night, Soft, Believe, Welcome Possession, Dark Matter, Familiar So Strange, Wild Love, Land Of The Innocent

Review+Photos: Mark Smith