Anne Clark/Eyeless In Gaza/Cult With No Name

The Garage, London - 12 April 2014

"One of the best shows I have ever seen"

I have to say I have been a fan of Anne Clark for many, many years and when I heard she was playing in London, I had to go and see her. There was a doubt in my mind as to if her performances would be as good as of old, but still the opportunity was too good to miss.

The first act on stage was Cult With No Name, and this was not the first time I have seen this band in recent years, and once again they gave an excellent performance and both the Keyboards and Vocals were delivered with aplomb. I think the name of this band is most apt as it is difficult to classify their music, technically a synth duo, but not like any other around, I am always impressed by their musicality but for me they neither hit the harder edge of EDM or the more dance sound of synth pop. They are always a band I am more than happy to see as a support act, but not sure I would see them as a headliner. 6/10

The next act was by Eyeless in Gaza, a group of eccentric multi-instrumentalists which I found fascinating, as they switch musical styles and instrument. A highlight for me was when they used an EDP Wasp synth on stage, the first time I have ever seen one used live, and I was very impressed to see someone use this strange device live (I want one). Whilst again not quiet my normal musical taste, I really enjoyed them and would go to see them again without hesitation. 7/10  

[Anne Clark]   [Anne Clark]    [Anne Clark]  [Anne Clark]

Finally Anne Clark and Herr B, It’s been over 25 years since I was last at an Anne Clark gig, and was not sure how this performance would be compared to her previous line up with a full band. I need not have worried. Herr B’s electronics were superb and his reworking of old tracks did more than justice to them (including the ones originally produced by John Foxx and, from me, that is high praise indeed). Whilst Anne and I have both gotten older since last I saw her, I was amazed at the amount of passion and drive with which she performed, there was always a glint in her eye and she seemed to be totally involved in the music. She did some reworked old classics, including two of my personal favourites Wallies and No Hope Road as well as some of her more familiar tracks Our Darkness and Heaven.

She also played a number of tracks off the two EP’s she has recorded with Herr B and these I would highly recommend. She finished off with The Prayer from her latest EP, which she dedicated to the people of Brazil, as a Brazilian TV crew were filming the entire show (lucky Brazilians). I have to say that Anne Clark gave one of the best shows I have ever seen. 9/10.

Review+Photos: Mark Smith