Koko, London - 21 May 2014

"Foxes' vocals were out of this world"

Foxes (AKA Louisa Rose Allen) was one of the few gigs I was not totally sure about, I ordered the ticket after hearing Clarity by Zedd featuring Foxes and really loving the vocal, but subsequent singles by Foxes had not excited me as much.

Anyway the night of the gig and the venue was buzzing, first up was a group called Pride (from Glasgow) a three piece with a great drummer, a keyboard /guitarist (with a great beard) and finally a vocalist/keyboard player. I think the band has a lot of potential as they all seemed very proficient at what they were doing, but their songs need some development. The last track they played was Messiah - their current single and it did seem a step up from their other tracks - 4/10 but room to grow.

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Photos: Foxes

Foxes was an interesting line up with drummer, keyboard player, bassist and two backing vocalists (who were not always on stage). The lighting for the show was very good and the illuminated microphone stand was a nice touch. As to the performance, Foxes appeared on stage with a skimpy outfit, huge shoes, what can be best described a rain coat (sorry I am not known for my knowledge of fashion) and a pair of what appeared to be white mouse ears. She looked very cute, but I was now seriously worrying about the quality of the performance.

My concerns cannot have proven to be less well founded, her vocals were fantastic, and she danced around with such energy that it was a most exciting performance. She played a number of tracks from her first album Glorious and a number of additional tracks including a cover of Pharrell’s Happy/Teardrop by Massive Attack, that she did as part of her Live Lounge Session on Radio One. She also performed a version of Clarity and Right Here a track she originally featured on by Rudimental. One final track she performed was Beauty Queen (available on limited edition of her album) and I have to say I loved that song.

To summarise, I am still not sure if Foxes fits into my normal taste in music, or is even just a little too poppy for me, but she gave one of the most impressive performances I've seen in a long time and her vocals were out of this world (sometimes sounding like a young Kate Bush) and I am very pleased I went to the gig, and will see her again if the chance arises. 8/10

Review+Photos: Mark Smith