Amon Düül II

Village Underground, London - 12 June 2015

"An uncompromising performance - delivered to perfection"

A hot and humid night at London’s Village Underground hosted a rare and special performance from German legends Amon Düül II.

Driven by athletic, muscular duel drummers and fantastic bass guitar, the whole band delivered a truly spellbinding performance to a packed audience. With vocalist Renate Knaup acting as a bandleader or conductor throughout, at times urging on and others controlling and dampening individual musician’s contributions to the improvised sections of some songs. Hers was a performance of worldly confidence and control.

[Amon Duul II poster]      [Amon Duul II]

At times joking with the audience and interpreting fellow band members’ comments. Sometimes, a little knowing smile and shrug of the shoulders enough to convey her pleasure at the audience’s cheers and applause, it was interesting to hear her intone “This is the end” at one point, in a little nod and reference to The Doors.

This was an uncompromising performance from a band that has always followed its own course. Typified when during a superb distorted bass solo section the drummers began clapping in time at the back, as some of the audience began to clap along, he stepped to the mic to shout “Bullshit!” as he continued playing with disdain at such frippery. In all, this was a performance that surpassed any and all expectations for this reviewer. Fantastic musicianship, sounding fresh and passionate, Amon 
Düül II delivered to perfection to an enraptured audience. 9/10
Review + Photo: Cliff Chapman