Little Boots/Femme

Oslo, London - 7 July 2015

"A performance full of charm and wit"

This event was held to kick of the launch of Little Boot’s third album Working Girl, or as she put it “Looks like she may be doing this for a living” (whispering no P45 yet).

This was another one of those great occasions when the support act is so good, you would go to see them as a headline act. Femme where unknown to me until the start of the gig and the band consists of: Femme – Vocals, The Bullet Girls (BG Blonde + BG Brunette) – Backing Vocals, Cheer Leading and Chromehatic Dancers and  Arveene (The Fever Boy) – DJ.

This was an energetic electropop/disco act with superb energy, a great sound and excellent choreography. The set list included: Double Trouble, Respect (cover), Educated, High, Shimmy Bango, Sirens, Heartbeat, S.O.S (current single) and Locoluvva. The cover of Respect was excellent and the current single S.O.S is a great dance number. Most entertaining. 7/10

[Femme]      [Femme] Little Boots Little Boots

Photos [L-R]: Femme, Femme, Little Boots, Little Boots

And so onto Little Boots. With a set designed to resemble an office, complete with desk, briefcase (hiding a laptop) and an aloe vera plant(!). It was another excellent performance by Little Boots (Victoria Hesketh) and I could only marvel at how she controlled (played) the Korg MS20 and added effect to her vocals live (TC helicon). The performance was full of charm and wit and the quality of the music was fantastic.
Set list: Intro, Working Girl, No Pressure, Get Things Done, New In Town, Motorway, Confusion, Taste It, Stuck on Repeat, Every Night I Say A Prayer, Remedy, Shake, Better In The Morning.

Review + Photos: Mark Smith