Jean-Michel Jarre/Marco Grenier

Brighton Centre, Brighton - 6 October 2016

"I was in awe of the whole event"

With the electronic classic album Oxygen reaching a milestone 40 years old, Jean-Michel Jarre's career has seen many groundbreaking moments, from the first Western artist to play in China to a world record attendance at a concert. He has also always been at the forefront of modern music production.

Over the last two of his albums, Electronica 1 & 2, we have been treated to some dream collaborations with the electronic pioneer. These have included Vince Clarke, Gary Numan, The Pet Shop Boys and Pete Townsend, to name a few. The overall sound of these recent albums has presented a much more dance-friendly and up tempo sound than a lot of traditional Jarre fans maybe used to. Having seen live shows at the Docklands in London in 1988 and consequently Wembley stadium, The Royal Albert Hall and O2 I was excited to see Jarre play a more low key concert here in Brighton.

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So, tonight was the second night of the world tour. The support was a great DJ set by Marco Grenier. I was expecting the usual thumping noise when I learned there was a DJ on the bill, perhaps showing my age! I thoroughly enjoyed the 30 minute mix of electronic arpeggios and warm bass sounds.

Jarre's set was dominated by tracks from the aforementioned Electronica albums. The visuals were spectacular, sliding screens and beautiful lasers kept the audience interested throughout. So often with electronic artists their live show lets them down visually as you often get a couple of geeks staring at their laptops and not much else. Jarre gave the feeling that every track was like the first. I was in awe of the whole event. We got a few classics, I don't think Jarre would ever get away with not playing Oxygene Part IV! 10/10

Set list: The Heart of Noise, Automatic (Part 2), Oxygene 2, Circus, Web Spinner, Exit, Equinoxe 7, Conquistador, Oxygene 8, Zero Gravity (Above & Beyond Remix), Brick England, Souvenirs de Chine, Immortals, The Architect, Oxygene 4, Equinoxe 4, Glory, The Time Machine, Encore: Oxygene 17, Stardust

Review+Photos: Jon Russell