Hannah Peel/WORMS

Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich - 24th March 2017

"My daughter asked 'Is this what it's like to take acid?'"

So, a bit of careful logistical planning, working from home and getting 14 year old daughter Freya to come straight home after school, sees the two of us traveling to see Hannah Peel in Norwich. My daughter has great musical taste (for a 14 year old) and I enjoy taking her to see bands we both like such as Chvrches, Little Boots and Le Roux, when the venue permissions allow. Knowing her taste in music I thought she would enjoy seeing Hannah Peel, although I was slightly worried about the meeting of two such strong willed redheads!

Norwich Arts Centre is a nice little venue, and after a soft drink in the bar, we both venture into the auditorium to watch the support act WORMS. I cannot tell you much about WORMS, as my research on the web did not result in any information, and even reaching out to Hannah, she was unable to enlighten me, as she understood they like to keep a very low profile. WORMS were an interesting outfit comprising of two guys on various electronics and a drummer on an acoustic drum kit.

Their set comprised one continuous but very varied piece of sound, in some ways reminiscent of Cabaret Voltaire's more esoteric early works, with distorted vocals, electronic noises and odd rhythms. I have to say it was a very interesting set, and it seemed to intrigue the audience. My daughter asked "Is this what it's like to take acid?" Not sure I can rate this performance but if you like strange Avant Guard music, then they are certainly worth seeing, if they perform again.

[Hannah Peel]    [Hannah Peel]         [Hannah Peel]

Photos [L-R]: Hannah Peel x3

Now onto the delightful Hannah Peel, who was again accompanied by her wonderfully fun and eccentric drummer Daisy Palmer. The on stage interactions and 'banter' between the two was great and they really seemed to get into the performance. Hannah as ever did a great performance on vocals, synth, violin and a music box.

The entire set was incredible with Cars In The Garden and Tainted Love being played on the music box, and Hannah showed her professionalism when the music box jammed part way through Tainted Love, and she managed to perform her way through whilst tweeking the device back into life (but what do you expect if you use these new-fangled sequencers - LOL). Foreverest with the line: "I am still your little girl" resonated with me as I stood next to my very tall 14 year old daughter and it was a great evening.

After the show Freya managed to speak with Hannah and added to her collection of signed vinyl (told you she has great taste - can't think where she gets it from). Overall an excellent performance and lovely evening 8/10 (Freya rating 10/10 as "The music box was adorable!")

All That Matters, Silk Road, Don't Take It Out On Me, Awake But Always Dreaming, Tenderly, Standing on the Roof of The World, Hope Lasts, Cars In The Garden, Encore: Foreverest, Conversations, Tainted Love

Review+Photos: Mark Smith