Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark/Tiny Magnetic Pets

Roundhouse, London - 13 November 2017

"Fun being had by all"

I have been an OMD fan for many years and remember seeing them live in the 1980's and 90's, even when Paul was not in the band, but to be honest, I have not managed to get to see them play in recent years, since they reformed for one reason or another. But I love the roundhouse as a venue and the chance to see them playing there along with Tiny Magnetic Pets was something I decided I should not miss.

As it happened, I had some formal meetings at work that day, and no opportunity to change, so I arrived at the venue suited and booted. One of the advantages of going directly from work, was I was near the front of the queue, and managed to secure a good vantage point near the front of the stage. As ever the crowd at these gigs was polite and friendly and a few of us got talking and recounting stories of old, and a good time seemed to be on the cards.

OMD merchandise Roundhouse 2017      Tiny Magnetic Pets Roundhouse 2017   Tiny Magnetic Pets Roundhouse 2017

Photos: L-R bands merchandise, Tiny Magnetic Pets x2

First up were Tiny Magnetic Pets, and whilst I have seen them play a few gigs before, they had always been much smaller venues and one of the first things I noticed was just how good the sound at the Roundhouse was, with both vocals, synths and percussion all coming through beautifully clear.

Paula's vocals were particularly evocative, and the set list included tracks such as All Yesterdays Tomorrows, Shortwaves, We Shine and Semaphore. The only thing which was slightly confusing was the group seem to only use about two thirds of the stage width, which seemed a bit odd especially if you were not in the centre of the audience, I am sure there is a reason for it, perhaps they are just not used to having so much space available.

Setlist: All Yesterday's Tomorrows, Shortwaves, Not Giving In, Never Alone, We Shine, Here Comes The Noise (White), Semaphore

OMD Roundhouse 2017      OMD Roundhouse 2017      OMD Roundhouse 2017    OMD Roundhouse 2017

Photos: L-R OMD - Andy McClusky x3, Paul Humphries x1

can not say the same for OMD, they certainly made full use of the stage width and Andy McClusky particularly made good use of it running and dancing across its entire width.

The gig consisted of tracks old and new, the audience vote being won by She's Leaving, but other standout tracks included The Punishment of Luxury and Isotope - both from the latest album (The Punishment of Luxury), Enola Gay, Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans, Electricity, Souvenir, Messages.

It was a good, long set and at the end, much to Paul Humphries amusement, one of the young ladies in the audience, even flung her bright pink bra on stage at him, I guess a sign of the fun being had by all. I have to say was one of the best gigs I have attended in recent years, and it is really good to hear new music from such bands, but for them to also include their classic hits. 9/10

OMD Roundhouse 2017      OMD Roundhouse 2017   OMD Roundhouse 2017

Photos: L-R: OMD x3

Setlist: Intro (Art Eats Art), Ghost Star, Isotype, Messages, Tesla Girls, History of Modern (Part 1), One More Time, She's Leaving, (Forever) Live and Die, If You Leave, Souvenir, Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans), Time Zones 2016, Of All the Things We've Made, What Have We Done, So in Love, Locomotion, The Punishment of Luxury, Sailing on the Seven Seas, Enola Gay Encore: Walking on the Milky Way, Secret, Electricity

Review + Photos: Mark Smith