Black Nail Cabaret/Das Fluff

Electrowerkz, London - 2 July 2022

"One of the all time great performances I have seen"

So my day started off with an ophthalmic visit necessitating drops in my eyes which caused blurred vision for several hours afterwards, hence I was not sure if I would be able to travel to the gig. Come late afternoon my vision returned to normal so I decided to try to get along. Unusually the gig started very early (doors opened at 6.30 and first act was on at 6.45) so I expected missing at least the first act but travel issues caused me a further hours delay so by the time I got there I managed to miss the first three acts, which was a shame.

So apologies to Cult With No Name, La Rissa and Die Arkitekt as I did not manage to catch you perform – I have seen Cult With No Name several times before and always enjoyed there performance, and I had good feedback from friends in the crowd about La Rissa and Die Arkitekt so I am sure I missed out.

Das Fluff Electrowerkz 2022    Das Fluff Electrowerkz 2022   
Das Fluff Electrowerkz 2022

Photos [L-R]: Das Fluff x3

That said that left two acts Das Fluff and Black Nail Cabaret , both of which I have seen before and both of which usually give great performances.

Das Fluff is fronted by the wonderful Dawn Lintern with Christian on electronics (sporting a rather fetching Theramin). You have to respect anyone who uses a Theramin live on stage (well at least I do).

As ever, Dawn managed to give an excellent vocal performance with lots of audience engagement and lots of energy on stage. The songs and music were strong and highly enjoyable, with a very emotional background story to Suicide Fail. 8/10

Setlist: Lying Lips, Not Enough, One Day, Nothing, Little Tearaway, Suicide Fail, Big Fucking Love, Skin on Skin, Dance Til The End

In theory Black Nail Cabaret would seem to be a very similar act with Emese on vocals and Kriztian on electronics, but the style of music is very different, perhaps more sophisticated, and this time delivered with a very stylish performance from Emese.

Black Nail Cabaret Electrowerkz 2022    Black Nail Cabaret Electrowerkz 2022   
Black Nail Cabaret Electrowerkz 2022

Photos [L-R]: Black Nail Cabaret x3

I have had the privilege of seeing Black Nail Cabaret several times (initially with Sophie on keyboards) but this performance was in a giant leap forward. It's hard to explain exactly why, but everything - the music, background videos, Emese's performance and her very strong vocals - all combined, making this one of the all time great performances I have seen (and that includes the likes of Fad Gadget, Erasure, Kraftwerk and Chvrches).

Most of the tracks they performed were from the latest album Gods Verging on Sanity, so this was the first time I had the opportunity to hear these live. I can't wait to see them again. 10/10

Setlist: Black Lava, My Casual God, La petite mort, Spheres, Maelstrom, Let Me In, No Gold, To Die In Paris, Bete Noire, Veronica, Unrequited Love

Review + Photos: Mark Smith