Dicepeople/Leg Puppy/Palindrones/AkA

Dublin Castle, London - 5 May 2022

"Mesmerising, dynamic, atmospheric, anarchic"

Prologue: (Not a Review of ABBA) So for my birthday treat this year I went to see the holographic performance of ABBA, as well as to see Victoria Hesketh (Little Boots) playing synths live. It was a very well executed and enjoyable performance as expected – but if you want to know more then you will have to go along – all I can say is if you like ABBA's music you will love it, and if not, but you want to see how much progress has been made with holograms, then I expect you will be impressed. On the way home from that performance I received a gentle reminder that I said I would write a review for this gig back in May. So, here it is...

AkA Dublin Castle 2022    AkA Dublin Castle 2022   
AkA Dublin Castle 2022

Photos [L-R]: AkA x3

In the synth/electronic music scene dark Gothic or alternative clothes seem to be the norm. But Henri Sizaret aka AkA does not stick to these or any other norms.

Dressed in a checked shirt and shorts he takes to the stage and proceeds to produce absolutely world class music from his laptop and controller setup. This is aided by a fantastic set of images that are projected behind him providing a mesmerising performance in conjunction with the music. I have seen AkA perform several times and the experience just seems to continually grow and develop. The music is dynamic, danceable and superbly produced. One of the acts that I will go out of my way to see and support.

Set List: Equation, Digirama, Jusqu’à 100, Naturel Rien, Zero One, How Much

Palendrones Dublin Castle 2022    Palendrones Dublin Castle 2022   
Palendrones Dublin Castle 2022

Photos [L-R]: Palindrones x3

This was a new act for me and made a sharp contrast to the other acts. Palindrones are synth duo (other instruments are used) from south London, and their music is more atmospheric than the cutting sounds the other artists were playing, which provided a nice contrast and a chance to just sit back and enjoy the music. If the opportunity arises, I would like to take the time to get better acquainted with their music.

Set List: Solipsism (Intro), Coma Berenices, Amina, Sectio Aurea (Golden Section Mix), Soliloquy, Beltane, This Inebriating Darkness, Sulis Minerva

Leg Puppy Dublin Castle 2022    Leg Puppy Dublin Castle 2022   
Leg Puppy Dublin Castle 2022

Photos [L-R]: Leg Puppy  x3

Leg Puppy
Leg Puppy is one of those groups that has a shifting collection of members, but today it was a nearly solo act by the lead artist Darren Laurence, with much interaction with the audience (including former band member Booby).

As ever it was an interesting performance with anarchic lyrics and cutting electronic music. At one stage Darren thanked the other bands playing that night and said Henri of AkA should be supporting the likes of Depeche Mode given the quality of his performance and music, which resulted in chants of "Henri! Henri! Henri!" from the audience 😊. As ever, a real performance from Darren to raise everyone's spirits. Very much enjoyed their version of Warm Leatherette, which I found myself singing along to (as I am a big fan of The Normal).

Set List: Ritual, Warm Leatherette, Johnny Pigman, Speak Talk Speak, NDA, Selfie Stick

Dicepeople Dublin Castle 2022    Dicepeople Dublin Castle 2022   
Dicepeople Dublin Castle 2022

Photos [L-R]: Dicepeople x3

Another band I have seen before and whose performances continue to grow, the mix of Matt Brock's music, Monika Zmora's vocals and stage performance and presence, combined with black imagery is most entertaining. 

The group seems to bring out the very essence of the darker side of alternative/electronic culture without being seedy or offensive – which is a real challenge and a credit to them. The music is excellent and Zmora brings another level to the performance of the show. Red Lines and Waste were debut performances on the night.

Set List: Red Lines, Hurt, Dissolution, Addiction, Waste

I don’t normally do a summary of gigs but in this case I thought I would. On paper, a night with two electronic duos and two solo male electronic acts would seem to be a samey and boring.  The truth is that whilst the line ups may be similar, as is the equipment used, these acts were all very different from each other and all excellent in their own way.  8/10

Review + Photos: Mark Smith