Shocks of Mighty!

Pelton Arms, Greenwich, London - 20 August 2022

The best fucking punk band in London

OK; no fucking about, I'm just going to say it: Shocks of Mighty! are the best fucking punk band in London.

What a brilliant set. They've been practising solidly and it shows. Fantastically tight, effortlessly intense, great 'crash' endings, there is absolutely no fat in their sound at all.

Overcoming the sort of sound issues that would have most bands (well, me at any rate) throwing a strop and sulking for the rest of the performance, they smashed through their set with grace and good humour, and they were on fucking FIRE. The sound is early Clash/Jam mostly, but there's also bits of Buzzcocks, Dexy's and Ramones in there. In fact, if you can imagine Weller playing guitar with Da Brudders instead of Johnny you'll get some idea of Steve Brown's simple/complex guitar style.

Shocks of Mighty Pelton Arms Greenwich 2022    Shocks of Mighty Pelton Arms Greenwich 2022   
Shocks of Mighty Pelton Arms Greenwich 2022

Photos [L-R]: Shocks of Mighty! x3

High points: Opener Not Pretty just carrying everything before it, an actual unstoppable force: "If you want it/ Come and get it/ But you'll regret it"; Brown breaking up the syllables of "the ex-ecu-tive floor" on Change You Want To See; the snarled frustration of Pressure building to the vicious crescendo of "I see your swastika/ I'll kick your fucking teeth in".

Despite starting late, an encore was demanded by the psyched-up crowd (and significantly, members of the headline band, whose playing time was being cut into). They finished with a cover of Bob Marley's Iron Lion Zion and left the stage to thunderous applause.

You owe it to yourself to go and see them at the earliest opportunity.  10/10

Review + Photos: Nick Hydra