Global Noise Attack

The Garage, London - 14 July, 2001

[GNA logo] "High levels of genuine adrenaline power GNA's live performances"

After more than a year away from the live scene, GNA have regrouped, added another guitarist and are back on stage delivering their punishing brand of hard edged guitar grind industria. This is full on testosterone-pumping stuff with shaven heads, bare chests and tattoos all around. Yet, there is something very approachable and decidedly 'English' about GNA's sound. It's something that they share with the likes of those other pigeon hole refuseniks The Chaos Engine. While no one would doubt the high levels of genuine adrenaline that power GNA's live performances, there is an experimental, quirky, sometimes even ironic element to their song writing. This stops them from ever getting close to the fake macho posturing of so many of their US counterparts.

Humongous singer Brian Stewart, with his head-to-toe body art and fetish gear sartorial statement, provides a memorable focus point for the band. Yet (again seemingly typically English) there's a very down-to-earth, honest and dare I say even 'fun' side to GNA - evidence of their ability never to take themselves too seriously. I hadn't seen the band for two years or so and didn't know them well enough before to say that their sound has changed significantly, but it doesn't seem to have. There's still the manic live drums, synth backing here and there and the average song length remains close to three minutes. In attitude terms, it's decidedly punk, but this is a genuine don't-give-a-shit energy rather than the half-arsed aggression that so many others try just too hard to project. GNA are good at what they do and I suspect that any chance of moving onto bigger and better things lies in them being able to garner more support from the crossover/metal fanbase. An adventurous and forward-thinking big label could either tap into something dormant in a lot of music fans by signing these men up, and/or frighten the hell out of lots of teenage Americans. Either outcome would be a result.

Rob Dyer