[Gunshot Alkaline sleeve]"Alkaline" (Single, 2024)

Ventilate Records

Released as a tribute to the recently deceased MC Alkaline, musically, this is really good. Itís not much like their mid '90s Britcore pomp, which is no surprise as original DJ White Child Rix is no longer involved, but Curoc (Q-Roc to you) and Barry Blue are back on board to lend their not inconsiderable talents to bolster MC Mercury, which should have made it fantastic, as the two most recent Gunshot releases (Sulpher, Burn Cycle*) were seriously impressive, but sadly, this is slightly disappointing lyrically.

It's by no means bad, but songs about dead friends can easily be sentimental (not always a bad thing), and while this doesn't even get close to mawkishness (It's not Candle in the Wind after all) the subject matter doesn't play to Gunshot's strengths. Ironically, it really needs Alkaline to run a verse at his phenomenal, breakneck speed to make it great, but sadly, that can't happen now.

That said, any song with a line as East London as "A bigger man than you'll ever be, you wankers" in it can only ever be on the right side of excellent.

*Both angry, doom-laden diatribes that require your urgent attention. 6/10

Nick Hydra (July 2024)

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