Hymen label compilations

[Masonic sleeve]"Masonic" (Double Compilation Album, 2002)


Double compact disc item that brings together the likes of Beefcake, Funkstörung, Imminent, Venetian Snares, Gridlock, Somatic Responses, Red Sparrow et al. Some are resident at Hymen, others appear via licensing deals with other labels, but across the thirty tracks a constant theme does emerge. Released to celebrate five years of 'technoid noises for collapsing people' from Hymen. One of the few remaining essential labels on the planet.

Collecting up various noise, glitch and experimental electronic outfits, Masonic provides a broad overview of a musical realm in which things like being concerned about how an artist's music might be received by its audience don't ever exist, and the only thing that remains a priority is to be true to the the composition. The result serves up various (largely instrumental) structures and rhythms that either jitter and judder or engulf and surround. Moods vary wildly from comforting to disturbing. Standards vary too but are generally high overall. The above named artists offer some of my personal highlights, with So Fuckin' Jazz and Bochumwelt being perhaps the major new discoveries. 7/10

Rob Dyer (November, 2005)

Official Hymen website: http://www.hymen-records.com