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"There Are Too Many Fools Following Too Many Rules" (Compilation Album, 1995)


Whilst its true the cover image may have had a bearing on my purchasing this double disc collection, I can reassure you, dear reader, that the distinctly good value retail price had equal influence on me entering into a purchase scenario. (I can let you into a secret... the £1 clearance section of a central London bargain CD outlet was the location for this transaction. Therefore, you my discard any thoughts that my actions were either frivolous or driven by a fetish for scantilly-clad Japanese anime girls.)

Two discs spanning six years of Irdial output (1988-93) for one English pounds sterling has to be a safe bet. Although the amount of spins this has received in the years it has been in my possession can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand, it does still provide a nice slice of dance nostalgia. Neuropolitique were the only artist previously known to me and the former Detriot Transmat employee Matt Cogger gets two entries here. Morganistic was a short-lived project featuring one Luke Slater. Much of this is remarkably simplistic to 2005 ears but moments of inventiveness are still discernable. Like many of us, Irdial Discs subsequently went online and has now released their entire back catalogue under a Free Music Philosophy. So you no longer need to even spend a pound. Marvellous news. 6/10

Rob Dyer (July 2005)

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