[Wet Roads Glisten sleeve]"Wet Roads Glisten" (Single, 1997)


Lionrock, remember them? Short-lived fame came their way very briefly in the late 90s and they promptly disappeared.

Justin Robertson remains the most famililar name of the five person line-up that recorded this four track single, responsible here for guitars and bass. Released on Deconstruction, once Kylie's home as she struggled (quite successfully!) to break free from her girl next door/PWL image. Eight years since its release, this sounds far less cutting edge than it did at the time, almost quaint even. MC Buzz B's vocals are nice and unpretentious, and there's a clean simplicity to the production that isn't heard often these days. With two variations of the title track. Briefly diverting but not much more. 6/10

Rob Dyer (September, 2005)