Megazone23 III

['Megazone23 III' sleeve]"Megazone23 III - Original Soundtrack" Various Artists (Album, 1995)


Subscribers to the video side of this site will know I have a fondness for Japanese animation. They're often a good source of some brilliantly innovative soundtrack music too. Sadly, my memory was playing tricks with me when I picked this up mistaking it as I did for another title.

Japanese animation scores tend to fall into one of three main camps - elegant electronic, J-pop, or bad rock. I was hoping for an hour of the first. Too few tracks aside, Keishi Urata's Eden The Last City and Bahamoud and Chikako Tsuchiya's Artifact are probably the best, the remainder is actually more like a Japanese take of a variety of world music styles (although there are a couple of almost compulsory sugary sweet pop songs). Moments of fleeting interest at best. 4/10

Rob Dyer