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Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

I Feel Sick

(Words and art by Jhonen Vasquez Published by Slave Labor Graphics)

Words and art by Jhonen Vasquez Published by Slave Labor Graphics I'd like to love JTHM as much as everyone else does, but I can't. The eponymous psychopath never gets a decent enough storyline to sink his teeth into, and empathy just doesn't come into it. The black-and-white artwork sort of tires the eyes out, because there's just no space on the page. A bigger format would improve matters here.

Again, in I Feel Sick, the plot, which is thin to start with, is dragged out to string. But here this gives the reader more of a chance to see the colour artwork, which is fabulous. The main protagonist, Devi, is too angst-filled to really appreciate, but she looks lovely in all the flashback scenes, some of which are quite amusing. The vampire wannabe and the mummy who uses bees were particular favourites of mine.

Considering the way Jhonen Vasquez fills his pages with so much clutter, yet has little in the way of story, his comics would greatly benefit from fewer pages in a larger format. However, when he works in full colour, the artwork is a great deal more appealing and makes I Feel Sick a comic worth peeking into.

Anna Jellinek

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