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Tom Strong

(Words by Alan Moore, art by Various Published by America's Best Comics)

So, I just sat down this lunchtime and read the first four issues of Tom Strong. Nothing new or particularly subversive, despite the critical lauding Moore has received for this title, but it was fairly enjoyable to spend lunchtime with a golden-age superhero romp.

As with Moore's other comics, Promethea and Top Ten, Tom Strong is living in 1999 in a parallel universe. And, as with both other titles, the artwork is excellent. I particularly liked the Aztec computer god in issue #3, and the way Moore plays around with the historical possibilities of parallel universes is great fun.

However, I was really hoping for something new in the superhero genre, and Moore has let me down this time. If you do want to see subversion and humour in the superhero genre, then you're better off reading First American in Moore's Tomorrow Stories . But if you want a silly romp where the hero always lives to fight another day and another bad guy, then Tom Strong should be on your list.

Anna Jellinek

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