Like A Shark sleeve]"Smiles Like A Shark" (Album, 1997)


You know when you hear and buy a great single and then buy an album on the strength of the single alone only to discover that nothing else on the album is up to the single? Well, that's what happened with me and Mulu. To be accurate, a friend actually purchased the single for me as he was so confident that I'd like it - he was right. I did pick this up dirt cheap - so I've no real grounds for complaint.

Natives of Liverpool, two piece Mulu (Laura Campbell: words and vocals and Alan Edmunds: Music, keyboards, programming and noises) produce quality pop even though the artists they name check in the sleeve credits (The Cocteau Twins, Thomas Dolby, Kissing The Pink, The Herbaliser and OMD's Andy McCluskey) don't bear much resemblance to the music on Smiles Like A Shark. But then Dubstar also make the 'thank you' list and here there definate is a similarity - and I quite like Dubstar too.

Nevertheless, despite the quality production and some impressive moments, it's all too easily forgettable and whereas I think several Dubstar singles still stand the test of time, in comparison, Smiles Like A Shark doesn't. All except that single - Pussycat. 4/10

Rob Dyer