(The date the information was added is shown in brackets below each link)

Newly updated film reviews with photos and ratings added for: Armour of God, Brotherhood of The Wolf, The Dead Mother, Deep Impact, Dog Soldiers, Entrapment, Escape From Mars, Fatherland, Gorgo, Hideaway, Johnny Mneumonic, Little Otik, Nightwatch, Planet of The Apes (2001), Rose Red, Shanghai Noon, The 6th Day, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of The Clones, Stigmata, The Truman Show, The Upstairs Neighbour. See also the Film Reviews page.
(29 December, 2007)

New film reviews of Children of Men, V for Vendetta, Spider-Man (new review) and King Kong (2005 - new review). Visit the Film Reviews page for links to all the new reviews or see the A-Z of Film Reviews for the complete list.
(2 December, 2007)

A review of Spider-Man (the first one) just as second sequel Spider-Man 3 hits theatres five years later. Finger on the pulse - that's us! Also reviews of Battle Royale, Bicentennial Man, Ringu 2, Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation. Visit the Film Reviews page for links to all the new reviews or see the A-Z of Film Reviews for every single one.
(8 May, 2007)

A cluster of new film reviews including: William Castle's classic chiller House on Haunted Hill, Grudge director Takashi Shimizu's J-Horror entry Marebito, and Chan Wook-Park's follow-up to Oldboy - Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. Visit the Film Reviews page for links to all the new reviews.
(22 September, 2006)

A detailed review of Todd McFarlane's Spawn animated TV series which originally ran from 1997-1999 added to the Miscellaneous Reviews page.
(22 September, 2006)

Something older and something newer. Some brand new reviews plus some (new to the website) reviews from the Dark Star Magazine archives. Including: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The Descent, Gorgo, King Kong (2005), Night Watch (2004), Nightwatch (1997), Slipstream, Sphere and a couple more besides. See the Film Reviews page for links to all new reviews.
(21 May, 2006)

"Housekeeping!" Reformating some of the older film reviews and added ratings and photos to films like From Dusk Till Dawn, Vampires, Escape From L.A. , Kalifornia, The X Files and Fire In The Sky for example...
(25 March, 2006)

Overhaul of Anime Reviews - Part 1: 14 anime films have been added to the Film Reviews section. Ratings of out ten added to all titles. Production credits updated on every entry and photos added to all entries.
(3 February, 2006)

A veritable cornucopia of new film reviews: from 1932's White Zombie starring a post-Dracula Bela Lugosi to War of the Worlds - 2005 Spielberg style. Others include Corman's Bucket of Blood, Boris Karloff as The Ghoul, Ang Lee's not so incredible Hulk and Matthew McConughey as an unlikely hero in the entertaining Sahara. See the Film Reviews page for links to all new reviews.
(31 December, 2005)

More meat and potatoes Film Reviews of Sin City, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), Brainscan, The Magic Toyshop and Tandem
(6 November, 2005)

Housekeeping: re-formatting of older fims reviews and new photos added. Plus some link updates. See Film Reviews for more...
(24 July, 2005)

A sneak, pre-broadcast review of the new Doctor Who! We look at the pilot episode "Rose", complete with a photo gallery of images from the new series
(23 March, 2005)

New films reviewed including: Oldboy, The Incredibles, Deathline, Wrong Turn, Zatoichi, Bad Timing, The Conversation and L.I.E. See Film Reviews for more info...
(13 March, 2005)

An exclusive DSO interview with Kazuaki Kiriya - Japanese director of the acclaimed SF epic Casshern. See Interviews for more...
(24 February, 2005)

Some terrific new films reviewed including: Immortel (ad vitam), Casshern, AvP: Alien Vs. Predator, King Kong, Santa vs The Snowman, The Road to Perdition, Family Plot and Driven. See Film Reviews for details...
(24 February, 2005)

New Film Reviews of 28 Days Later, Cabin Fever, Cypher, Dolls, Dreamcatcher, Femme Fatale, Idle Hands and Once Upon A Time in Mexico. See Film Reviews for more...
(23 January, 2005)

Reviews of Black Mask starring Jet Li and sequel Black Mask 2: City of Masks, plus The Fifth Element and The Arrival. See Film Reviews for more...
(16 January, 2005)

13 new Anime Reviews including: Armitage III, Ghost in the Shell, Giant Robo, Gunsmith Cats, The Secret of Mamo (Lupin III), 3x3 Eyes, Vampire Princess Miyu and more
(16 January, 2005)

An exclusive interview with Don Coscarelli - director of cult classic Phantasm and most recently the hilarious Bubba Ho-Tep. See Interviews for details. Plus reviews of The Thirteenth Floor and Gore Verbinski's American remake of The Ring. See Film Reviews for more...
(29 November, 2004)

Review of Don (Phantasm) Coscarelli's hilarious horror comedy Bubba Ho-Tep and a cerebral triple bill of the Japanese Face of Another, Fincher's The Game and, from Russia, The Return. See Film Reviews for more...
(11 October, 2004)

A bunch of Anime Reviews including: Miyazaki's Castle of Cagliostro, Dragon Half, Phantom Quest Corps, Sword for Truth, Roots Search and more
(11 October, 2004)

Tarantino double bill (urgh!) review of Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Kill Bill: Vol. 2. See Film Reviews for more...
(15 August, 2004)

Plus some behind-the-scenes Film Reviews database housekeeping. The benefits of which will be more readily apparent shortly
(15 August, 2004)

New Film Reviews including: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Gothika, Freaky Friday, Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie, Into The Deep (3-D Imax) and Mark of The Devil (R2 UK DVD)
(26 July, 2004)

Nine new Anime Reviews including: Angel Cop, Patlabor: Mobile Police, New Dominion Tank Police, Urusei Yatsura: Only You, Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer, Urusei Yatsura: Remember My Love, Macross Plus, Ushiro & Tora and more
(26 July, 2004)

New Film Reviews including: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Touching The Void, Ice Age, Frequency, Flo Rounds A Corner, Synthetic Truth (R1 US DVD) and Scream 3
(28 February, 2004)

Twenty one new Film Reviews including: My Little Eye, The Eye, Dog Soldiers (2 reviews), Road Kill, Eight Legged Freaks, The Man Without A Past, Final Destination 2, Brotherhood of the Wolf, GoldenEye (R2 UK DVD) and Armour of God (R2 UK DVD)
(6 July, 2003)

New Book Review of Geoff Klock's How To Read Superhero Comics and Why 
(6 July, 2003)

Various behind-the-scenes housekeeping activities
(4 July, 2003)

Review of Resident Evil added to the film reviews section
(22 March, 2002)

Three new films reviews: From Hell, Sleepless (R2 DVD) and Dario Argento: An Eye for Horror
(4 March, 2002)

Seven new films reviews: The Devil's Backbone, Fight Club (R1 DVD) , The Matrix, Mulholland Drive, The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey, Shanghai Noon (R1 DVD) and Stigmata
(24 January, 2002)

Another nine new films reviews including the classic Alien, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, The Dead Mother, Little Otik, The Upstairs Neighbour, the Region 2 DVD release of Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me, Rose Red, Hideawayand The Puppet Masters
(16 December, 2001)

Nine new films reviews including Japanese shocker Audition, the Region 2 DVD release of The Evil Dead, Batman Returns, Breakdown, Conan the Barbarian, Dick Tracy, Gremins 2: The New Batch, Nick of Time and Total Recall
(24 October, 2001)

Twelve new films reviews including Cronos, The Blood Beast Terror, The Arrival, Brainscan, The City of Lost Children, Edge of Sanity, Exquisite Tenderness, The Fourth Man, The Grandmother, Red & Rosy and a certain Tomb Raider
(15 July, 2001)

Ten new anime reviews including Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Odin, Battle Angel Alita, Silent Möbius and Maku Senjo
(15 July, 2001)

Review of the Phantasm Trilogy Region 2 DVD Box Set
(14 June, 2001)

Fourteen new films reviews including Pitch Black, Titus, The Handmaid's Tale, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Mummy (1932), The Raven, The Black Cat, Phantom of the Opera, Pale Rider, Hardware and The Blair Witch Project
(30 January, 2001)

Complete the DSO overhaul questionnaire and you could WIN loads of fims and music goodies!
(6 January, 2001)

Nine new comic reviews including Vodoom, Cathedral Girl, Clockwork Angels, Runoff, Powers, Evil Eye, End Times, Fortune & Glory and The Babysitter
(18 October, 2000)

Six new films reviews including X-Men, Ring, Final Destination, Street Trash, Encounters in the Third Dimension and Vampires
(18 October, 2000)

Fifteen new films reviews including Mission: Impossible II, Chicken Run, Run Lola Run, Midnight Angel, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh, Last Gasp and Spooky Encounters
(23 August, 2000)

Modest beginnings for our new index of interviews - currently Babylon 5's Michael O'Hare and director JR Bookwater
(23 August, 2000)

Thirty (yes 30!) films reviews including Gladiator, Dellamorte Dellamore, The Good Son, Interview With The Vampire, In The Mouth of Madness, Island of Terror, The Killer, Prey, The Refrigerator and Zeram
(6 July, 2000)

Ten new films reviews including The World Is Not Enough, Mystery Men, Kolobos, Possession and She Freak
(20 April, 2000)

A few changes to the links page including a new link to the Sequential Tart comic webzine
(15 March, 2000)

Three new Dark Horse Maverick comic titles added to our Book/Comic Review section Feeders, Hellboy Jr and The Horror of Collier County
(17 February, 2000)

Five new Book Reviews including Uncut, The Dreamland Chronicles, The Journal of Stephen Hadley, Slaughtermatic and Zeitgeist 
(29 January, 2000)

An exclusive report of Thee Event Magickal Conference, featuring top authors and experts Storm Constantine, Caroline Wise, Gerald Suster and Steve Wilson  
(29 January, 2000)

New A-Z Index of Book/Comic Reviews providing links to book, comic, graphic novel and magazine reviews
(29 January, 2000)

Six new graphic novel reviews added to the Miscellaneous Review section including Witchcraft, The One Trick Rip Off and Death: The High Cost of Living
(13 January, 2000)

Full details on the Underground USA independent horror film festival in Rome added to the Events Page. Includes rare screenings and guest stars from around the world
(13 January, 2000)

Ten new film reviews added to our Film Review section, including Witch Hunt, Fear No Evil, Cast A Deadly Spell, Octopussy, Photographing Fairies, Contact and Addicted to Murder: Tainted Blood
(1 December, 1999)

Three new comic reviews added to our Miscellaneous Review section Little Gloomy, Stitch and Life of a Fetus
(18 November, 1999)

DSO Privacy Statement added to site
(28 October, 1999)

Ten new film reviews added to our Film Review section including The 13th Warrior, Wicked City, Sunset Heights, Robotrix and Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
(27 October, 1999)

Still more new comic reviews!! Five titles added to our Miscellaneous Review section including Hellboy: Box of Evil, The Extended Dream of Mr D and Faith
(27 October, 1999)

Yet more new comic reviews! Ten titles added to our Miscellaneous Review section including 100 Bullets, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Heavy Liquid, Clover Honey and Alan Moore's Top Ten
(18 October, 1999)

New A-Z Index of Miscellaneous Reviews including links to reviews of comics, stage plays, events, rare screenings etc.
(11 October, 1999)

Seven new comic reviews added to our Miscellaneous Review section including The Invisibles, The Adventures of Evil & Malice, Gloomcookie and Geisha
(7 October, 1999)

Ten new comic reviews added to our Miscellaneous Review section including Shadowman, Strangehaven, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Tomorrow Stories
(6 September, 1999)

Dark Star site revamped and sister site (Dark Star Audio) dedicated to electronic music launched
(1 September, 1999)

September and October added to the Events Diary page, including Galaxion '99 and the cinéXS horror film festival
(21 July, 1999)

Three new Film Reviews - I Still Know What you Did Last Summer, The Phantom and Philadelphia Experiment II
(21 June, 1999)

Over 30 new entries to the Events Diary page for June, July and August
(7 June, 1999)

Ten more Anime Reviews - including Kekkou Kamen, Kishin Heidan, Plastic Little, Project A-ko 2
and Space Adventure Cobra
(10 May, 1999)

Exciting news about significant Expansion Plans for DSO Website!
(24 April, 1999)

Six new Anime Reviews - including Wings of Honneamise, Super Dimension Century Orguss 02, Angel Cop and 8 Man After, and new A-Z Index of Anime Reviews
(24 April, 1999)

Four new Film Reviews - David Cronenberg's new SF outing eXistenZ, Devil's Advocate, Brian Yuzna's Progeny and Mars
(12 April, 1999)

Updates and new sites added to the Jumpgate
(15 March, 1999)

News on a new score for Man With A Movie Camera, with details on a live tour of the film and other March and April events added to the Events Diary page
(15 March, 1999)

Ten Film Reviews updated from the DS paper archives - new to the website, including Nightbreed, Braindead, Dust Devil, Split Second and Dracula Rising, plus two new Film Reviews of Kull the Conquerer and Deranged
(15 March, 1999)

Details on the National Small Press Fair added to News and Events Diary pages
(8 March, 1999)

Six New Film Reviews including Cube, T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous, The X Files and Jack Frost
(22 February, 1999)

Four New Film Reviews including The Mask of Zorro and Pi
(16 February, 1999)

Twelve New Film Reviews
(8 December, 1998)

Please read our humble apology
(23 November, 1998)

Some general tidying up - more meaty changes soon
(2 October, 1998)

New A-Z Index of Film Reviews with links to over 50 new reviews!
(7 September, 1998)

New Feature: Interview with Babylon 5 actor Michael O'Hare
(21 July, 1998)

Four new reviews in our re-vamped Book Reviews section
(12 July, 1998)

Loads more updates to the Events Diary for July, August, September and October
(12 July, 1998)

Eight new Film Reviews including Godzilla, Dark City, The Replacement Killers and Gattaca
(3 July, 1998)

Six new reviews in our re-vamped Anime Reviews section
(16 June, 1998)

NEWS FLASH: Dark Star Computer Working Again!
(9 June, 1998)

June, July and August updates to Events Diary page
(8 June, 1998)

Six new reviews in our re-vamped Miscellaneous Reviews section
(27 May, 1998)

NEWS FLASH: Dark Star Computer Crashes!
(12 May, 1998)

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Updates to the Events Diary for activities in June
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Latest updates to the Events Diary for March, April and May
(21 + 23 February, + 6 March, 1998)

News pages updated with News on Dark Star website expansion
(19 February, 1998)

News pages updated with News on new Dark Star web address
(2 February, 1998)

Several new links added to the Jumpgate page
(3 December, 1997)

Latest updates to the Events Diary
(29 September, 1997)

News pages updated, and News on Dark Star 14 & 15
(7 August, 1997)

All new Anime Reviews - 5 titles
(16 June, 1997)

Latest News in Brief and update to the Events Diary
(16 June, 1997)

Competition entry date extended
(16 June, 1997)

Latest News including new News in Brief section
(27 May, 1997)

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