[Let Me Go sleeve]"Let Me Go" (Single, 2010)

Clubstream Orange

The idea of Nude covering Heaven 17's 80s hit was a tantalising one and this single appeared ahead of the German breakbeat experimentlists' album Basic Guerilla Moves - released last October. Sadly, this really disapppoints. Nude's musical roots dig down into an eclectic bunch of genres including breakbeat, bigbeat, electro punk and drum n bass; and all of these can be found to varying degrees in the multiple versions found on this single.

The timing of the release was perfect, coming at a time when Heaven 17 were in the headlines once again for touring their breakthrough debut Penthouse and Pavement (we managed to nab an interview with H17 singer Glenn Gregory at the time). This is Nude,so we were never going to get a straightforward updating/translation of the original song - and we wouldn't have wanted that - but the ramshackle collection of relentless club versions here never really succeeds (whichever route each track opts for) and no individual attempt stands out either. It all just blurs together. Likely to put people off the album that followed (which is precisely why I didn't bother checking it out) rather than secure them the radio air time/club play I imagine they were hoping for. Shame. 4/10

Rob Dyer (January 2011)

[Shame sleeve]"Shame" (Single, 2009)

Clubstream Orange

A surprising treat from Swedish drum n bass label Clubstream Orange. Stylish presentation delivers an interesting take on a genre I've always thought of as strictly limited, but here we've got an intense focus on the dance floor, imaginative construction, good sound and production detailing not always seen simultaneously together in the field.

The style moves across drum n bass to breakbeat but with guitars and an indie attitude than I'm unfamiliar with from the genre. The seven minute Original Club Version of Shame at times could even be Ladytron doing drum n bass - an fascinating proposition. Satisfying hooklines and melodies, and the understated female vocal works well. 7/10

Rob Dyer (August 2009)