dsomedia Privacy Statement

The UK Data Protection Act 1984 requires that persons who hold personal information (such as names and email addresses) check to see if they need to register under the Act.

The information obtained via this website is exempt from registration with the Data Protection Registrar.

Under 'General Exemptions', personal data held only for the purpose of maintaining a mailing list is exempt. However, to comply with this exemption, I must ask if you object to the data you submit to dsomedia being held. If you are subscribing to one of the site mailing lists this is unlikely. Nevertheless, if you do object you should not enter the data. If data has already been stored about you and you object then you can request that the data be deleted. Any data held by dsomedia may only be disclosed with the consent of the data subject.

Further information regarding Data Protection in the UK can be found on the Government's website.