DSO is involved in a number musical projects. The projects at present are:

Each project is self-contained and the musical direction of each differs, although all revolve around electronic sources. Click on the band names above for more details.


Members: Jon Black and Rob Dyer
Direction: Ambient/soundscapes/downtempo/idm
Releases to date: Under previous line up: Music (1990), LA23 (1995), and Bunk, Junk and Genius (2000). Under current line up: Faithless (remix) for man(i)kin Sacrament EP (2001), Moroccan Dust featured on Shock Electronik album (No Bones, 2002)   
Live: Offers under consideration
Work in progress: Work has begun on new album, Tokyo Dub Cafe and contributions to compilations also underway.
Background: New line up for long-running, largely instrumental project. Previously released three albums (one cassette, two CD). Bunk, Junk and Genius is now available from DSO as a CD-R (see the Wave page for more details).
Further Info: Wave page / Official Wave website:


Members: Rob Dyer
Direction: Industrial/idm
Releases to date: None
Live: None
Work in progress: Song writing with possible remix work pending.
Background: Return to composition after twelve years, spurred largely by resurgence in recent years of European-based electronic bands.


Members: Rob Dyer
Direction: Bleep
Releases to date: None
Live: None
Work in progress: Researching/compiling sound sources
Background: Necessary outlet project.


Members: Jon Black, Mark Bradley, Martin Smyth, Rob Dyer
Direction: Ambient jazz electronica/future drum n' bass
Releases to date: First album Northern Plains available from DSO.
Live: 23 October 1999, Three Daws, Kent - Review
Work in progress: Promotion of first album Northern Plains.
Background: Formed by the prolific Jon Black in 1998 under the name Sound Source. Core members are Black, Bradley and Smyth who have all worked together in various bands since the mid 1980s. Wrote four songs and performed live (as Sound Source) in October 1998 at Three Daws, Gravesend, Kent as part of a Ketchup club. Performance accompanied by projected promo videos directed by Rob Dyer. Back into the studio in the Autumn of 1998 to write and record new material for album release. Name changed to BIOsonic in January 1999. Album now available.

Further Info:

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