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[Friends Are Electric Vol. 1 - Home sleeve]"Friends Are Electric Vol. 1 - Home" (Compilation Album, 2013)

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Browsing through Spotify one afternoon the title and cover of this caught my eye, as did a remix of Lightbringer� by the mighty Covenant. However, let me share with you my experience of this shoddy compilation so that you won't be duped into buying in error. Or, for that matter, waste valuable time even streaming this for free. 

Let's start with the headline grabber - the Covenant track. This is in a remixed form labelled "Krojtz Bravo Gronroos". Gronroos & Bravo are a DJ and producer duo from Stockholm, Sweden but despite coming from the same home country as Covenant and focusing on electronic music as the basis for their work, the similarities stop very firmly there. Not only is this almost unrecognisable as Covenant - its also one of the worst entries in what is hardly a stellar line up. 

I quite like some of Vanguard's output and their entry is one of the best things here. What else remains is mostly of the dance variety of electronic music making the obvious and lazy reference to Gary Numan's Are Friends Electric? a largely meaningless and cheap marketing ploy. Don't get suckered in. 4/10

Rob Dyer (August 2014)