[Subfusc sleeve]"Subfusc" (Album, 2001) !DSO Recommended!

Ad Noiseam

Throbbing noise, beats, high frequency synths and an unstoppable rumbling attitude. Rhythmic noise artists like Tarmvred (aka Swede Jonas Johansson) are creators of the new industrial music, torch bearers of the original sensibilities that have otherwise been largely absent in this post-dance electronic music landscape. Subfusc Parts One to Six comprise one of the most exciting debut albums in ages. Brilliant structures, huge and complex percussion are fused with 80s computer game bleeps and breakbeat drum tracks and the results are pure genius.

An atmosphere of anticipation permeates every track. Pure, pulsating machinery is given a new sense of direction and wonder at the gifted hands of Johansson. Faint traces of hard techno and drum 'n bass seep through now and again, but always the Swede remains his own man, master of his destination and puppet to no fashionable whims. Truly innovative, exhilirating music. It's stuff like Tarmvred that makes music still worth pursuing and life worth living. Fellow rhythmic genre champion, Converter lends support by providing a remix of Subfusc Part 4. A release that also puts German label Ad Noiseam straight in at the top of the essential league. 8/10

Rob Dyer

Official Tarmvred website: http://www.tarmvred.net