Ten City Nation

[Exhibition Time Again sleeve]"Exhibition Time Again" (Single, 2008)

Repeat Records

TDK-90, Ten City Nation's contribution to Repeat Records' Keep Britain Tidy - A Public Service Announcement With Guitars was a highlight of that compilation. That song demonstrated a decidedly 60s influence. The Stooges are sometimes cited as a reference point as is early Nirvana. My knowledge of both of those is strictly limited but on the strength of these three well-chosen tracks, I wouldn't laugh the comparisons out the door.

Not really DSO's thing, nevertheless Ten City Nation earn their own little piece of this site for doing the rock thing properly when literally millions of others fuck it up with their egos and posturing bollocks - forgetting that it's all about the music. Sharp songwriters and performers, Ten City Nation's genuine drive and passion really ought to earn them mainstream acclaim. We wish them a long and fruitful journey... 7/10

Rob Dyer (January, 2009)