Twilight Electric

[Meanings sleeve]"Meanings" (EP, 2006) !DSO Recommended!


Beautiful, heart-wrenching instrumental three-track EP presenting a low-fi digital baroque (literally, this is almost Johann Sebastian Bach-like at times).

Dedicated to the memory of 8bitpeoples co-founder Nullsleep's father who died in 2004, there do indeed appear to be specific meanings behind each of the short pieces composed by New York's Patrick Johnson. All use similar notes but, as Eric Morecombe might have said: not necessarily in the same order. They are variations on a central theme, each track just a tad more optimistic than the last. Which is just as well, as early on this melancholic, forlorn and immensely moving suite threatens to overwhelm. The tellingly entitled first track Self Portrait in particular is extremely adept at forcing introspection of the deepest and darkest kind. Whilst the tonal qualities of the final track Stepping Back suggest a traditional Japanese influence, which when combined with folksy horn sounds produces a more breezy, pastoral air to finish on a slightly more positive note. Phew! Very emotional. 8/10

Rob Dyer (February 2010)

[Rawk Hard sleeve]"Rawk Hard" (EP, 2002)


The first EP on 8bitpeoples from Twilight Electric is a diverting set of four instrumentals. The interest here lies more in getting introducing Twilight Electric rather than to champion as a fine example of its low-res, low-fi kit origins. Nothing runs over three minutes. Hidden Dangers is the jaunty one; Chewing Gum the pseudo-serious one; Thin Skin the Orient-inspired one; and The Count Dance is pure joy. It is only 74 seconds in length but the Count of the title is none other than the cool numerically-obsessed vampire form Sesame Street who contributes his unforgettable accent and counting out loud skills to this highlight of the EP. Free to download from the 8-bit Peoples website. 6/10

Rob Dyer (May 2013)