[Pale Saint sleeve]"Pale Saint"  (Album, 1992)


This is the second album from WMTID. Sylistically they mostly straddle goth and electronic pop. Their track Welcome To The Global Casino (not from this album) appeared on Funky Alternatives Vol. 3 (1989). Their compositions sound heavily influenced by 80s English synth pop but a darker side can also be found on some tracks. The darker aspect shares slight similarities to Attrition but WMTID are nowhere near that league. The triggering synth-based Steal sounds just like the same thing I was churning out in my lounge in the mid 80s - musically and recording wise - but I was an amateur and this album is shackled with a similarly amateurish air.

The production here is obviously as cheap as it comes and whilst there are moments of inspiration, WMTID don't seem to be aware of them. Pale Saint could use the chaff sorting out from the wheat, but even then it would be very much a hit and miss affair. They'd also need to employ a more selective approach musically. For example, directly after the above mentioned Steal is Christian Nation which sounds like Matt Bianco! As far as I'm aware this was their final release, so probably just one to file under 'almost contenders'. 5/10

Rob Dyer