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Legend of The Four Kings


This 12-part, updated Boys Own-style adventure series about a family of four superboys comes on six leisurely-paced tapes. The basic premise is that the boys have a dormant side to their personality, one that different third parties are very interested in exploiting - the boys can turn into dragons. Yep, out goes all credibility and in comes monotony.

A deranged old man wants to get his hands on the boys so that he can perform an autopsy on them - while still alive and awake! The Americans get in on the act when they send in a woman (confusingly the only English dubbed voice among the cast, the remainder of whom are all voiced by Americans!) who is one of four heads of a global corporation who have their own interest in the four scaly heads. Beyond the mediocre animation and trite, explanatory narration, there is the usual mass destruction of major Japanese cities, which by the time of the next episode seems to have been conveniently forgotten and forgiven by all. Legend of The Four Kings is just very, very dull and any occasional hints of interesting storyline get ceremoniously dragged out in the name of serialization.

Rob Dyer

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