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September and October added to the Events Diary page, including Galaxion '99 and the cinéXS horror film festival
(21 July, 1999)

Three new Film Reviews - I Still Know What you Did Last Summer, The Phantom and Philadelphia Experiment II
(21 June, 1999)

Over 30 new entries to the Events Diary page for June, July and August
(7 June, 1999)

Ten more Anime Reviews - including Kekkou Kamen, Kishin Heidan, Plastic Little, Project A-ko 2
and Space Adventure Cobra
(10 May, 1999)

Exciting news about significant Expansion Plans for DSO Website!
(24 April, 1999)

Six new Anime Reviews - including Wings of Honneamise, Super Dimension Century Orguss 02, Angel Cop and 8 Man After, and new A-Z Index of Anime Reviews
(24 April, 1999)

Four new Film Reviews - David Cronenberg's new SF outing eXistenZ, Devil's Advocate, Brian Yuzna's Progeny and Mars
(12 April, 1999)

Updates and new sites added to the Jumpgate
(15 March, 1999)

News on a new score for Man With A Movie Camera, with details on a live tour of the film and other March and April events added to the Events Diary page
(15 March, 1999)

Ten Film Reviews updated from the DS paper archives - new to the website, including Nightbreed, Braindead, Dust Devil, Split Second and Dracula Rising, plus two new Film Reviews of Kull the Conquerer and Deranged
(15 March, 1999)

Details on the National Small Press Fair added to News and Events Diary pages
(8 March, 1999)

Six New Film Reviews including Cube, T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous, The X Files and Jack Frost
(22 February, 1999)

Four New Film Reviews including The Mask of Zorro and Pi
(16 February, 1999)

Twelve New Film Reviews
(8 December, 1998)

Please read our humble apology
(23 November, 1998)

Some general tidying up - more meaty changes soon
(2 October, 1998)

New A-Z Index of Film Reviews with links to over 50 new reviews!
(7 September, 1998)

New Feature: Interview with Babylon 5 actor Michael O'Hare
(21 July, 1998)

Four new reviews in our re-vamped Book Reviews section
(12 July, 1998)

Loads more updates to the Events Diary for July, August, September and October
(12 July, 1998)

Eight new Film Reviews including Godzilla, Dark City, The Replacement Killers and Gattaca
(3 July, 1998)

Six new reviews in our re-vamped Anime Reviews section
(16 June, 1998)

NEWS FLASH: Dark Star Computer Working Again!
(9 June, 1998)

June, July and August updates to Events Diary page
(8 June, 1998)

Six new reviews in our re-vamped Miscellaneous Reviews section
(27 May, 1998)

NEWS FLASH: Dark Star Computer Crashes!
(12 May, 1998)

Latest News headlines
(24 March, 1998)

All new articles in the News in Brief section
(24 March, 1998)

Updates to the Events Diary for activities in June
(24 March, 1998)

Latest updates to the Events Diary for March, April and May
(21 + 23 February, + 6 March, 1998)

News pages updated with News on Dark Star website expansion
(19 February, 1998)

News pages updated with News on new Dark Star web address
(2 February, 1998)

Several new links added to the Jumpgate page
(3 December, 1997)

Latest updates to the Events Diary
(29 September, 1997)

News pages updated, and News on Dark Star 14 & 15
(7 August, 1997)

All new Anime Reviews - 5 titles
(16 June, 1997)

Latest News in Brief and update to the Events Diary
(16 June, 1997)

Competition entry date extended
(16 June, 1997)

Latest News including new News in Brief section
(27 May, 1997)

Check out the new Events Diary and plan your next four months
(27 May, 1997)

Latest News
(11 May, 1997)

All new Film Reviews - 6 Titles
(11 May, 1997)

Intervention Con Report
(22 April, 1997)