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Macross Plus


As a follow-up to the original series that brought Japanese animation to thousands of Americans as Robotech, this really kicks the pants of that earlier, epic saga. Updated with a vengeance by the Dr Movie studio of animation, Macross Plus is an unashamed animated version of Top Gun set in the future. Don't let this uninspiring comparison distract you however, for this is just the sort of undemanding but terrific animation that the Japanese do best. Here, your basic rivalry between two pilots and their adventures is interspersed with a common love interest but it's all done with such verve that it is a pleasure not to have to think too hard and be entertained with some first class art direction and adventure.

As the series develops the role of a virtual entertainer' named Sharon Apple (a computer generated Madonna for the 23rd century) becomes a bigger part of a larger storyline. As dubs go the voice acting is pretty good, particularly Lee Stone in the lead role of Dyson. The Western style music by Yoko Kanno, performed by members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is suitably rousing during the dramatic battle and flight sequences. It's good to see something best described as mainstream quality available with a PG rating that doesn't comes across as boring to adult viewers. 7/10

Rob Dyer

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