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RG Veda


This adventure is set in mythical times, with the Gods ruling in Heaven whilst the mighty Tentei controls the lands on Earth. All is peaceful until the treacherous general Taishakuten slaughters Tentei, getting everyone in a pickle and plunging the world into darkness - bummer. Only six warriors can stop him. Can they join forces and win or will evil triumph? What do you think? This is a run-of-the-mill fantasy tale full of the old chestnuts about honour, dying for a good cause, avenging terrible acts of the past, etc. etc. The animation is unremarkable and a couple of the characters have irritatingly squeaky voices.

Originally released in two parts, RG Veda shares two directors, Hiroyuki Ebata and Yoshimasa Ikegami, and although in two clearly defined halves, the style between them never alters. In the film's favour is the soundtrack, which makes great use of the hi-fi sound. Jokes about farting at bedtime and a few bloody encounters aside, this would have been perfect fodder for kids. But the BBFC-inspired 15 rating directs this at an audience that will have little time for it.

Rob Dyer

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