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3x3 Eyes Part 3


[3x3 Eyes]Popular with fans the world over, this is the third part in the anime version of Yuzo Takada's manga about young girl Pai, the last of a mystical race - the Sanjiyan Unkara, and her human friend Yakumo Fuji. Transformed during their earlier adventures into an immortal warrior, Yakumo, separated from Pai, has been searching for her for four years. Meanwhile, Pai has forgotten her past and is living in Tokyo as a normal schoolgirl. But now, as the evil dark lord Kuei-Yan-Wang is about to return to devastate the world, Yakumo tracks down Pai and must convince her of her origins and of her ability to stop the forces of evil.

A warm welcome was waiting at my home for this series that now extends to five parts, and the wait was not in vain. Back are the great lead characters, terrific art direction, evocative music, and great adventure storyline as the forces of good battle those of evil once more. It's difficult to pinpoint where 3x3 Eyes succeeds so well but it is the blend of all these elements that make the series what it is.

Exceptional use of colour, assured direction by Kazuhisa Takenouchi and a reasonable dub make this one worth catching. Indeed, if you've yet to see the first two parts, get hold of them now, then watch this and settle back and catch the fourth and fifth parts of this great series. 8/10

Rob Dyer (January 2005)

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