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Angel Cop


One for conspiracy theorists everywhere, this one appears to be about an elite group of anti-terrorist cops who find themselves on the run, after discovering evidence of behind the scenes machinations involving the government and the terrorists. I say "appears", as in the four episodes I've seen to date, the plot has twisted, warped and bent like a twisty, warpy, bendy thing, and I'm not prepared to stake any money on what is really going on. I prepared to put up with this, since otherwise it's sharp, hard-hitting anime, possessing all the attitude of Dirty Harry with a hangover. I dislike the format, however: 30-minute tapes, once a month, means that when one episode arrives, you've lost track of who betrayed who last time. Still, by the time you read this, all six parts will be out, so you can watch them in one evening.

Jim McLennan

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